“You know me, I think there ought to be a big old tree right there. And let’s give him a friend. Everybody needs a friend.”

-Bob Ross-

Become a Member

Print out and mail in this membership form (PDF Format) with your payment or bring to a meeting. Member dues are $30 for an individual, $35 for a family for one year.   Join us the first Saturday of the month for a meeting with cash, check or card.  We will probably even have a new member form on hand just in case.   Or simply mail in your check or money order to: Bonsai Society of Dallas PO BOX 836922 Richardson, TX 75083-6922

Top Ten Reasons to Join Bonsai Society of Dallas:

10. Special Freebies – From time to time, club members bring items to share. We have had donated pots, seedlings, etc.
9. State Conventions – You will have an inside track on the annual state conventions hosted by an LSBF affiliated club. It is great to see beautiful trees from other clubs in Texas and study with artists during any number of workshops. It is also a great time to buy material and tools from exhibiting vendors.
8. Fellowship – Get to know fellow hobbyists who share your interest and passion for bonsai, many of whom will open their garden for other members to visit.
7. Member Trips – We arrange for group visits to local vendors not always open to the public and private collections from time to time.
6. Demonstrations and Workshops by Guest Artists – Several times per year we bring in recognized bonsai artists to share their techniques with our club. Workshop rates are kept as reasonable as possible as a benefit to our members. Workshops are considered the best way to improve your skills.
5. Club Digs – This is a chance to learn how to collect respectfully, and properly, giving members a chance to collect material to improve your collection with little more than the cost of sweat equity.
4. Monthly Newsletter – Packed full of seasonal information, as well as access to the archive of writings from our beloved expert John Miller, and his years of experience on tree care specific to our region of Texas.
3. Club Auction – A great way to purchase discounted material and supplies from fellow members, and a great way to pass along plants, pots, and tools of your own to new members. One mans trash is another mans bonsai!
2. Mentoring – Each meeting features ‘show and tell’ as time permits and you should stay after the meeting for advice from an experienced member on how to refine your tree.
1. Monthly Meetings – Offer demonstrations, knowledge sharing, and inspiration to try new techniques.